Einhell GC-SA 1231 Electric

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The Einhell GC-SA 1231 combines an aerator and a scarifier in single handy package.

When it’s used as an aerator, its eight aeration-knives cut tiny slits in the turf, allowing for better drainage and improved nutrient up-take.

As a scarifier, its 42 specially-designed claws will delicately but thoroughly get rid of any thatch or moss that have built-up on the surface-pan, ensuring moisture, sunlight and air will be able to better penetrate. When undertaken regularly, these processes will leave you with a lush, verdant lawn.

Driven by a high-powered 1200w electric motor, the Einhell GC-SA 1231 Electric Scarifier / Aerator will prove a stress-free alternative to a petrol machine.

Its lightweight, four-wheeled design combines to ensure that even larger jobs won’t tire you out; while its capacious 28-litre thatch-collector allows for long-run times between emptying-breaks.

Thanks to its flexible three-step working-depth (adjustable between 30 and 90mm), the Einhell GC-SA 1231 can be easily set-up to perform effectively in any given conditions.

This 31cm model also features a collapsible handlebar, so it will take-up very little space in your shed or garage.


  • A versatile two-in-one lawn care package – aerates and scarifies
  • 24 scarifying tines; 8 aeration knives
  • Powerful, long-lasting and maintenance-free 1200w electric motor
  • Lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and easy to push
  • Comes with a large-capacity thatch-catcher
  • Three-stage working-depth for flexibility of use
  • Collapsible handlebar for space-saving storage


Motor 230v
Power 1200w
Drive Hand Propelled
Blades 42 / 8 (Scarifier / Aerator)
Working Width 31cm
Working Height -90mm (Max.)
Height Adjustment Manual (3 Positions)
Handles Foldable
Deck Material Plastic
Wheels Front 170mm / Rear 60mm
Debris Collector 28 Litres
Warranty 2 Years

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